Our Amer⁠i⁠ca beg⁠i⁠ns new na⁠t⁠⁠i⁠onal ⁠t⁠v ad campa⁠i⁠gn

July 25, 2022

Our America begins new national tv ad campaign


July 25, 2022



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Led by Former ANTIFA Activist and Former Democrat Candidate, Our America Launches Cultural Movement Pushing Back on Those Who Attack and Divide the Country

New National TV Ad Campaign Begins Following Less Than Two-Month Soft Launch That Has Already Grown Its Email Subscribers to More Than 125,000

OAKTON, VA – Our America, a new cultural movement that seeks to give voice to the pro-American majority, launched today with a national television ad campaign, building its email subscribers to more than 125,000 in less than two months.

See Our America’s new national TV ad here:


Our America’s two national directors are Barrington Martin II and Gabriel Nadales. Mr. Martin, who challenged the late Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) in a primary in 2020, is an African American from a long-standing Democratic family. He is based in Atlanta and will organize the eastern region of the country. Mr. Nadales, a Hispanic American, was recruited by the violent, radical group ANTIFA when he was in high school. His exodus from the group is an extraordinarily American story. He is based in San Bernadino and will organize the western region of the country.

“I was once part of the anti-American world. Nowhere else is there more opportunity or freedom to pursue your dreams whatever they are than in America: an education, a career, a family in a welcoming, safe community. America is a great country,” Mr. Nadales said.

“When you see people shouting, ‘defund the police,’ or using cancel culture to silence different viewpoints or injecting politics into the classroom, or attacking our country in other ways, know the majority of Americans reject all of that,” Mr. Martin said. “America is the greatest country on earth. This country offers its citizens of every background, creed, and religion the opportunity to pursue happiness and enjoy a fruitful life, and we Americans won’t let these radical voices sow division in our communities. It’s time that the majority speaks up, and we are going to provide that voice.”

The first phase of the ad campaign will be $500,000 as part of the overall $2.5 million launch. The ad will run on Univision, BET, TNT, TBS, and MTV.

About Our America

Our America’s Vision:
We work toward a time in our country when supporting America is not a political statement, when civil discourse replaces shouting, and when standing for America is more important than standing against each other.

Our America’s Mission:
Our mission is to build a broad, diverse coalition of people who support those timeless American values that empower everyone to thrive, including: equal opportunity, mutual respect and freedom of expression.

To schedule interviews with Mr. Martin or Mr. Nadales contact:
Michael Mead – mmead@joinouramerica.org; 540-907-6537 (cell/text)
Niko Gonzalez – ngonzalez@joinouramerica.org; 954-483-1895 (cell/text)