Shannon Plunke⁠t⁠⁠t⁠

August 9, 2023

Shannon Plunkett

August 9, 2023

“I grew up in a family business and my dad would always say ‘I may own this place, but I’m not too good to clean the bathrooms.’ So, I knew the value of hard work growing up.”

“The entitlement of so many Americans blows my mind. I’m a third-generation American on both sides of my family and we’re grateful to be here.”

“Living abroad gives people a different perspective – my politics were very different when I first lived in London several years ago. I thought it was going to be great to have so much government involvement in things like health care. You learn quickly when you have your own experiences. I worked in Ireland too but ended up moving back to the U.S. because I was being taxed so much. I couldn’t live in that system as much as I loved it there.” 

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends with each other who see things differently. Humans are so bent out of shape thinking that we differ without recognizing how similar we are. We all want to be safe, for our families to be taken care of to have opportunity – we just have different ideas of the paths we should take to get there. Social media pushes us away from having productive conversations or seeing the middle ground, and that’s dangerous. It makes us think we’re too far apart to have real conversations, but we’re really not.” 

“There are so many women that are liberty-minded although some don’t even realize it. I created the South Florida chapter of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (LOLA) to have a place where I could give back and also speak openly about things that matter to me. I felt like I needed women around me – in anything from a book club to discussing economics or just getting to know each other. We just need to be able to speak openly.”

“All women need that. If we silence a woman who has a different opinion than us, we’re still hurting women as a whole.”

“Humans are siloed right now, and they’re afraid to share their opinions. And that is a very scary thing. So, If I can do just one thing a day that would promote conversations, I feel like I’m doing the right thing.”

Shannon Plunkett
South Florida

Shannon is president of the Ladies of Liberty Alliance (South Florida Chapter) as well as an entrepreneur coaching women in holistic health and a business coach.