Eugene Ralph Jr.

February 13, 2023

February 13, 2023

“My family moved to Dallas from New Orleans right before Hurricane Katrina and didn’t have much. The people here were so welcoming, donating things like furniture, clothes, pots and pans to cook with. Even at five years old, I was amazed to see that kind of generosity and charity, so I’ve always wanted to do my part in making my own community a generous and charitable place.”

“One of the best ways I’ve found to better my community is to stay connected to what is happening in local politics. The national conversation matters, but it’s the local politics that can often have the biggest impact on individuals and communities. That’s why I take the time to volunteer with various local organizations trying to make real change.” 

“One of the reasons I think it is so important to be involved at a local level, especially in a city like Dallas, is that each part of the city needs different things. The kinds of laws and ordinances that will help cultivate economic growth and success in a low income neighborhood are not the same as those in a higher income neighborhood. The types of policies that work in some communities can end up hurting others. For diverse communities in a big city to flourish, the details matter.”

“This is the work I really care about. Not that national politics, or even state level politics aren’t important. I just believe that the best way to make a change in a community is to start small. Knock on doors, go to city council meetings, get connected with the local school board and business community. The issues may not make national news, but they may be the difference between a person like me who started with so little being able to grow into a free and autonomous individual.”

“Ultimately, I think one of the most generous and charitable things we can do is give people the freedom to live their lives with as few barriers to success and individual liberty as possible. I’m working to stay connected with groups and organizations that promote individual liberties because I believe America is a place where those with little can still, due to the kindness of other Americans, grow up to succeed.”

Eugene Ralph, Jr.
Dallas, TX

Eugene Ralph Jr. is a professional in the insurance industry who is active as a local community volunteer and advocate in Southeast Dallas focused on economic development.